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Casa del Cielo 
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Beach Restaurant and Bar

Mahahual, Costa Maya, Mexico

Open Monday - Saturday, 5.30 pm

Beach Road Mahahual South, km 5.8

Phone: 983 110 9496

Website: www.travel-in.com.mx

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Welcome to Travel in’

Restaurant and Bar

Open Monday-Saturday, 5:30 pm

Closed Sunday

In our international cuisine all food is freshly prepared and home made, including bread, sauces and dips.

A part of our specialties is the Pita bread, delicious flat bread from the near east.


Make sure not to miss TAPAS night on Wednesdays!

Meet others at the long table and enjoy different tastes from all over the world.


Buen provecho!

Justa and Albert

Since 2003


Appetizers - Aperitivos


Pita baked with garlic—Pita horneado con ajo

* * *

Pita baked with garlic and cheese

Pita horneado con ajo y queso                                   

* * *

Pita with a choice of dips - Pita con guarnición

* * *

Garlic dip - Crema de ajo                                                    

* * *

Humus - Gine de garbanzos      

* * *

Tuna salad - Ensalada de atun

* * *

Mixed salad with vinaigrette                                     

Ensalada mixta con vinagreta


Kids favorites -Favoritos de los niños


Individual Pita Pizza

· Margarita

(pizza-sauce and cheese- salsa de pizza y queso)

· Add any ingredients you like- Agregue cualquier ingredient:

          Onion or Garlic - Cebolla o Ajo                               

           Tomato - Tomate                                              

           Pepperoni or Olives - Pepperoni o Aceitunas

           Tuna or Double cheese - Atún o Doble queso

* * *

Pita beef- or cheeseburger with tomato and onion

Pita hamburguesa con tomate y cebolla

* * *

Pita fish fillet with onion and cocktail sauce

Pita con filete de pescado, cebolla y salsa cocktel


Main Meals - Platos Principales


Special of the day

Especial del día

Dailey changing

international dish.

Favor de checar en la pizarra o preguntar a su mesero.

* * *

Every Wednesday / Todos los Miercoles




Please check the blackboard

or ask your waiter

for the tapas selection of today.

Favor de checar en la pizarra o preguntar a su mesero

para las tapas de hoy.

* * *



· Fried fish fillet with rice and salad-

Filete de pescado frito con arroz y ensalada                  

· Oven baked fish fillet with rice and salad                 

* * *


· Shrimp fried in garlic with rice and salad         -        

Camarones al ajo con arroz y ensalaada

· Shrimp fried in curry on rice and salad-                    

Camarones al curry con arroz y ensalada

* * *


Marinated pork strips with rice, salad, pita and garlic dip-

Carne de cerdo con arroz, ensalada, pan de pita y crema de ajo

* * *


· Cheese stuffed poblano with rice-

Chile poblano relleno de queso con arroz

· Mango-Curry with rice and salad (if available)



Dessert / Postre

Chocolate cake with cream

* * *

Chocolate-Fondue with fresh fruit (min. 2 pers.)



Order min. 1 day in advance - Ordenar min. 1 día antes

Have an active meal together or with a group of  friends in the unique Travel in’ atmosphere.

Fondues are a full evening of enjoyment.


Meat fondue (min. 2 pers.)                                                  

Prepare prime beef, meatballs and chicken fillet in

sizzling oil. Served with green salad, bread and dips.

* * *

Mexican-Cheese fondue (min. 2 pers.)                              

Dip fresh veggies and French bread

in our home made Cheese mélange.

* * *

Chinese steamboat (min. 2 pers.)

A selection of veggies, meat and seafood for

you to prepare in a rich home made bouillon.

* * *

Seafood - platter (seasonal seafood, min. 2 pers.)

* * *

Lobster  (seasonal July - February)


Travel in’ Directions

Mahahual coast road, km 5.8 south.


















Travel in’, the inn of travelers dreams. A tranquil,
twinkling haven perched on the Costa Maya coast.
International menu includes home made breads, fresh fish, tapas on Wednesdays. Attentive, relaxed service. Snorkeling/dive courses available and a gift shop selling Mexican art.

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