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                 Casa del Cielo de las Estrellas is located near the village of Mahahual at the Costa Maya, which is the name of the southern most part of the Mexican Caribbean coast (just north of the Mexico-Belize border).


                 Generally, the entry airport to the Mexican Caribbean (and Costa Maya) is Cancun International Airport.  The distance between Cancun and Mahahual is about 200 miles (320 km). The long distance is perhaps the major reason that the beautiful and pristine beaches of the Costa Maya have remained mostly secluded and little touched from mainstream tourism.  This poses however the challenge of getting there. For several reasons, but mainly because it increases your options for activities during your stay, we recommend renting a car (for care rental tips– click here). There is however a direct bus line that connects Cancun with Mahahual (ADO bus company info– click here). The bus departs from the downtown Cancun bus terminal and makes stops in Playa del Carmen and Tulum. If you plan arriving by bus or at a different airport (Merida, Chetumal), we recommend to discuss the pro and cons of these options with us.


Directions for driving to Mahahual by car:

For the route to Mahahual, please refer also to the maps.


Including stops for shopping, eating, gas, etc. calculate about 5 hours for the trip. The speed limit south of Tulum is generally 100 km/h (65 mph). However, traffic is low and the road is good, so only few cars obeying this limit. If you travel at an average speed of 120 km/h (without recommending it!), with one stop for gas in Felipe Carillo Puerto, you can reach Mahahual in 3.5 hours.

In case you arrive in Cancun in the afternoon, an overnight stay either in Puerto Morelos, in Playa del Carmen or in Tulum is recommended to avoid driving after dark. Nightfall is between 6-7 pm.

From Cancun you drive south on the main coastal highway (Hwy 307) via Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Felipe Carillo Puerto until the village of Limones (which is a great place to buy fruits and vegetables). About 3 miles south of Limones you take the Costa Maya exit (left turn) and follow the excellent new access road to the Costa Maya for about 30 miles until it reaches the village of Mahahual. Note: drive this road almost to its very end (light house) and you will see Mahahual village nestled at the coast south of the road (to your right). Don't make the mistake and turn south already at km 50 as this is the wrong road (paved road) going to Xcalak.

Cancun from the air

Beach Road

                 From Mahahual continue on the unpaved beach road for about 8.5 kilometers. Our vacation home is easy to find. There is only ONE beach road south out of Mahahual. Measure the 8.5 km-distance using the speedometer of the car counting from the light house when you turn south onto the beach road at the coast (see map). The first km of the beach road (up to the village) is paved, but out of Mahahual it is only graded. It has been regularly maintained in recent years, but has a few rough spots. You don't need a special vehicle. Just drive carefully. Don’t underestimate the home-made topes (speed bumps) made from ship ropes. They remind you that everybody appreciates if you drive very slowly.

Mexican economy rental car on way to Mahahual.

These cars are  tiny, but look– you still can transport 4 adult passengers and tons of luggage.

The famous “topes” fruit stands in the village of Limones.

The “sentries” of Mahahual– you have almost arrived. 5 more miles to Casa del Cielo de las Estrellas.

House Keys

                 The house keys are with our caretaker Darvey who will be expecting you. He lives in a small house (casita) on the property about 40 m behind the main house. Please avoid arriving after dark (6-7 pm), as this might complicate your ability to navigate the beach road. Normal check-in time is after 3 pm to give Darvey ample time to clean the house after the departure of previous guests. An earlier check-in might be possible, but only if the house was not occupied the night before (requires prior agreement, please inquire).

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Property Entrance

                 The beach road has been moved to behind the property and the house is not visible from the road. The property entry gate (see picture) is at the caretaker casita and is marked with a small sign. The gate is almost exactly at 8.6 km if measured from the turn off at the light house in Mahahual.